Guidelines Challenge 2:

Write an Original Story About Coral Reefs or a Sea Creature(s) or Write a Story for LumiVoce’s Wildlife Story Illustrations

General Overview



Write an original story about coral reefs or a sea creature(s) or write a story for LumiVoce's Wildlife Story illustrations
2022 winners

Outline of task

Step 1. Create your own story about coral reefs OR an endangered sea creature(s), OR choose LumiVoce’s illustrations that you would like to write the story for from the titles below.

Step 2. Research some facts about coral reefs or sea creature(s) and its habitat to include in your story. Don’t forget to find out what you can do to help protect the coral reefs or sea creature(s)!

You may use this template to help you do your research

Step 3. Next, plan your story!
  • Introduce your characters
  • Describe the setting – where does your story take place?
  • Think of a conflict that your character will face?
  • Think of how the conflict will be resolved?
  • Think about the message you want your readers to take away with them by the end of your story?
  • Think of the pictures you can draw to illustrate your story

***And remember! You want your readers to feel their emotions! If they feel their emotions when they read your story and see your drawings, then it means you have succeeded!

Step 4. Write your story!

Points to remember!

  • Remember to bring your character to life through their expressions, personality, and descriptions! You want your readers to LOVE your character!
  • Describe the setting of your story so that it closely fits the habitat the character lives in real life (this helps the reader believe in it even more!)
  • Give your story a structure so the reader can follow it from start to finish – and don’t forget the conflict or problem that your character has to overcome!
  • Use interesting and descriptive vocabulary so you capture your reader’s attention
  • Make the reader feel emotional! Then they will protect what they love.


An Ancient Whisper

LumiVoce Ensoul music video directed/sung by founder Dr. Ying Ying Liu


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