Guidelines Challenge 3:

Create a Music Video of Beautiful Coral Reefs or a Sea Creature(s) or Recreate Wildlife Videos Incorporating LumiVoce Music Videos

General Overview



Create a Music Video of Beautiful Coral Reefs or a Sea Creature(s) or Recreate Wildlife Videos Incorporating LumiVoce Music Videos ​
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Outline of task

Step 1: Choose one or more coral reefs/sea creature(s) you would like to create the music video for. Or you can choose from one of the coral reefs/ sea creature(s) below, but it’s not required.
Step 2: Create 4 sections to your video
  • Introduce the habitat/coral reefs you wish to feature and think about the
    following: The beauty and the importance of this habitat to its sea life and to the coral reefs in it
  • Show the human impact on the habitat/coral reefs and sea creature(s) and think about the following: What human activity has impacted this habitat?
    What images can I find of the destruction that humans have caused and the sealife/coral reefs that depend on it? How endangered are coral reefs/ sea creature(s)? How many of them are left? What is the reason for the decline in numbers?
  • Show why these habitats and the coral reefs/ sea creature(s) in them are
    important to us, how we can protect them and what is our call to action
    (what can we do about it?)
  • Give some facts about the conversation and show what we can do to help and protect this habitat/coral reef at the end of your video (e.g. reduce consumption of resources, reduce waste, do not use unsustainable
    products, etc.)
Step 3: Write your script using any words or visual imagery
  • Will you use still photos with audio over the top of the photos?
  • Will you embed moving images and include audio?
  • Will you include words or messages over top of the imagery?
Step 4: Choose the software you will use to compose the music you wish to accompany each section and the software to make your video
  • Include Audio, images, and video or, you could do stop-frame animation
  • Consider the mood and atmosphere of each section and choose musical stems that fit the emotion
  • Use these musical stems are chosen your own sounds to fit each section
Step 5: Create your video by adding your imagery and your audio

Points to remember!

  • Always research your facts and give key figures from science-backed organizations to help support your claim
  • Watch other Environmental/ Biodiversity videos to see what features make a good video e.g. audio, imagery, and visuals
  • Use inspiring, interesting, engaging, and awe-inspiring images and audio so you capture your viewer’s attention
  • Make the viewer feel emotional! Then they will protect what they love


An Ancient Whisper

LumiVoce Ensoul music video directed/sung by founder Dr. Ying Ying Liu


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