Guidelines Challenge 4:

Take a Photograph Featuring Beautiful Coral Reefs or a Sea Creature(s)

General Overview



Take a photograph featuring beautiful coral reefs or a sea creature(s)​
2022 winners

Outline of task

Step 1. Choose a coral reef or a sea creature(s) for your photography.

Step 2: Research your chosen coral reefs/ sea creature and find out
  • Facts about the coral reefs/sea creature(s)
  • Facts about its habitat
  • Facts about the human impact on the survival of your coral reefs/ sea creature (s)
  • Ideas about how the coral reefs/sea creature(s) can be protected
Step 3: Plan your photography
  • What do you want the viewer to understand and get when they look at your photos?
  • Is there a story being told? What is it?
  • How to catch people’s eyes? What colors or points of contrast are attractive?
  • What do you feel as you are taking the photograph? How will you show emotions in the photos?
Step 4: Create your photography

Points to remember!

  • Learn more about the coral reefs/sea creature(s) and their habitat
  • Think about how you can make your photo stand out and grab the attention of people
  • Make the reader feel their emotions! Then they will protect what they love.


An Ancient Whisper

LumiVoce Ensoul music video directed/sung by founder Dr. Ying Ying Liu


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