Dr. Ying Ying Liu(劉螢螢博士)

Executive Director

Dr. Ying Ying Liu is a pianist, singer and social activist. Her illustrious father, Liu Chi, was the most celebrated Chinese classical composer of the 20th century.

She grew up surrounded by the beauty and power of music, which she credits with helping her family overcome many hardships during China’s Cultural Revolution. As a precocious youngster at the elbow of her father, Ying Ying learned at a very tender age both what her father termed, “the essence and truth of the Chinese song” and the knowledge of Chinese and Western orchestral scores.

It was the sheer grace and loveliness of her voice, along with her exceptional brilliance at the piano that steered her towards developing her talents in the West. She is steeped in Eastern and Western musical traditions and earned her DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) from the Eastman School of Music in the U.S. She taught music at university level, and performed as a classical pianist and soprano in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

She fell in love with wildlife and nature when she was a child. Years later, when she learned that an elephant was brutally killed for ivory every 15 minutes, a rhino was killed for his horn every eight hours, that we have lost 60% of the world’s wildlife since 1970 and one million species will become endangered within 10 years, she felt that she must start acting. As the founder of LumiVoce – A Voice for the Wild, Ying Ying now devotes her musical talent to wildlife conservation, a cause she is passionate about.


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