Gao Weisheng photo

Gao Weisheng (高維生)


A Jilin native, Manchu, member of the Chinese Writers’ Association, member of the Chinese Writers’ Association for Ethnic Minorities, journalist.

In recent years, he has devoted himself to field research and folk oral history writing. He has published 《南甜北咸:人間至味是清歡》《悲情蕭紅》《小味道》《酒神的夜宴》《味覺譜》《浪漫沉從文》《蝴蝶為什麼尖叫》《哲思妙語》《有一種生活叫品味》《閱讀者》 《點燃記憶》《觸摸歷史的細節》《才情梁實秋》《歸去來兮陶淵明》《朱自清的背影》etc, and a collection of poems, 《夜的大衣》. He is also the host of 《文學教育》new work express, and editor of the 《大散文》《獨立文叢》 book series.


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