Jocelyn Chan (陳明憙)

Singer & Songwriter

Jocelyn Chan 陳明憙 is a singer-songwriter, actor and certified sound healing practitioner from Hong Kong. Growing up in five very different cities, music is her universal language. After her demo “October Snow” was discovered for use in 2015 Chinese film “Les Aventures D’Antony”, Jocelyn debuted officially in 2016 with her original album “Adultlescence”, which would later become one of the top ten best selling Mandarin albums in Hong Kong that year. She has since released 3 original albums, singing in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, with works appearing in over 10 TV/Movie projects.

Jocelyn aspires to be socially impactful in her career. She hopes her music and sound therapy can provide healing for audiences. Following the success of last year’s environmental single “Bliss”, where she traveled to five endangered natural landscapes around Western China to film a conservation-themed music video, and becoming the first commercial artist to film inside the prestigious Anzihe Nature Reserve in Sichuan, she is convinced that music and the arts is the best way to inspire a love for the planet, and will continue campaigning for the environment with her voice.

Outside of music, Jocelyn is the proud sister of 9 rescued cats and 1 puppy, and has worked with NGOs such as UNICEF, Bring Me a Book, Green Monday, K for Kids, The Pet Cancer Fund and Disney Volunteers. She hopes to inspire more cross-collaboration between NGOs and influencers and is very excited to be supporting Lumivoce this year.

Bliss music video


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