Liu Xilin (Original name: Liu Linlin)


Liu Xilin (original name: Liu Linlin), independent artist.

Bachelor’s degree in Illustration and Animation from Kingston University, UK. 

MBA of Art and Culture from EAC, France.

Liu Xilin held a number of art exhibitions at home and abroad. Her works are based on nature, universe, culture, life, philosophies of West and China, full of energy and intuition. Her works have won many international awards and have been cherished by a lot of collectors.

In the post-epidemic period, Liu Xilin started a new artistic practice and created the concept of “sound healing”, that is, integrating sound healing and artistic healing into a unique concert. From the artist’s improvisation to co-creation with the audience; from the artist knocking on the musical bowls to leading the audience to meditate, sing and dance, inherit traditional culture and spread the artistic spirit in a more acceptable form for younger generation. The participants in the concert are both audiences and actors. In co-creation and singing, the heart of each participant is healed in certain degrees.


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