Mang Ping photo

Mang Ping (莽萍)

Writer, editor, professor, wildlife conservationist

Writer, editor, professor, wildlife conservationist.

Mang Ping is a permanent member of the Chinese Society for Environmental Ethics, a professor at the Chinese Culture Institute, editor of the “護生文叢”, author of 《綠色生活手記》 and 《物我相融:中國人的信仰、生活與動物觀》(co-authored), editor of the 《追求無殘酷的文化》series, founder of the “China Zoo watch” project, author and publisher of the 《中國野生動物園調查報告》 2004 and 《中國動物園調查報告》 2011; she was awarded the Pearl Award For Reverence For Life in 2006.

Her main areas of research are contemporary religious thinking, environmental ethics and animal welfare. She is committed to studying the relationship between humans and animals and calling for improved conditions for animals and friendly and harmonious relations between humans and nature.


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