Mickey Yi Zhang photo

Mickey Yi Zhang (張毅)


Yi Zhang, Master of Piano, Associate Professor of Artistic Direction, Department of Musical Theatre, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Visiting Scholar of New York University, Visiting Professor of New York University and Duke Kunshan University, Student of the 2014 East Haddam – International Musical Theatre Music Director Master Class, Shanghai People’s Radio 經典947“妙侃音樂劇”. He is also a guest host of Shanghai People’s Radio 947’s “Musical Theatre” programme. In recent years, he has devoted himself to the popularisation of musical theatre, and his video course 《張老師講音樂劇》 on Sina Weibo has been well received.

He has been studying piano since childhood, and has studied under Guo Lihong (郭立紅), Ye Xiaochu (葉曉初), Zhou Hang (週鏗), Tang Beihua (湯蓓華) and Professor Su Bin (蘇彬教授). After graduating from Xiamen University’s College of Arts, she was admitted to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music to study for her master’s degree in piano, and stayed on to teach after graduation.

As music director, he has participated in the rehearsals and performances of the musicals 《伴侶》、《南太平洋》選段,《吻我,凱特》,《在歐羅巴等你》,《錦城春色》, etc. He has also participated in the recording and publication of the 《鋼琴基礎教程》DVD and《雙鋼琴經典名曲集》CD. He is also the author of a number of piano and musical theatre textbooks, including 《舒曼鋼琴作品演奏指南》 and 《戲劇情境:如何身臨其境地表演與歌唱》.

As a pianist, he is not only active in the classical music scene as a soloist, but also actively explores and promotes the two-piano performance format. He has been invited to give a lecture on 星期廣播音樂會“名家講堂”, which was well received by the audience. He has been invited by the “星期廣播音樂會” for five consecutive times to perform with pianist Zhu Linlei (朱林蕾) at the Shanghai Concert Hall, the He Luting Concert Hall and the Guangdong Zhongshan Arts Centre.


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