La Passione
November 18th, 2023
The Shepherd on the Rock
September 16th, 2023
Jardin d'Eau
April 22nd, 2023
Masters of Elegance
June 4, 2022
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LumiVoce organizes a range of challenges, workshops, music salon events, and programs aimed at educating students on the importance of protecting wildlife and biodiversity through the arts. By incorporating social-emotional learning and aesthetic education, we inspire students to understand and value conservation efforts. These engaging activities not only educate but also empower students to make meaningful impacts that ripple out from themselves to their families, schools, and the broader community. Our goal is to foster a generation that is committed to preserving our natural world through creativity and informed action.

voices for the planet


Our Voices for the Planet (V4TP) education programs inspire young people to love and protect wildlife and biodiversity by creating their own wildlife artworks in different art forms

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Friends of Lumivoce” is an exclusive membership program for friends with a shared passion for music and nature



Use social-emotional learning and aesthetic education to teach students about the conservation of biodiversity and wildlife.

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