Be their voice

LumiVoce was founded in 2016 to shed light (Lumi) on the plight of wildlife that is being driven to extinction by human demand, and to provide a voice (Voce) so that they may be heard, loved and protected. Come on a journey to help be their voice.


The daughter of one of China’s most celebrated composers, Ying Ying Liu learned to play piano, read orchestra scores, and conduct from a young age.

“In my travels, I was impressed with the incredible beauty of nature and the destruction. I started thinking, “I’m a musician, what can I do?”

In 2016, Ying Ying created LumiVoce, combining arts and education to support biodiversity. LumiVoce, meaning to illuminate, was chosen to give awareness about the crisis we are facing in biodiversity and to give a voice to the voiceless.

Our region

Despite Hong Kong’s compact size and reputation as a “concrete jungle”, the territory has an extraordinarily high level of biodiversity. Few places in the world allow people to travel from the city center to the middle of the natural world in the space of an hour or less. Our world-class country park system is one of the best in the world and has been a regional example of conservation best practices.

Our education

Did you know 40% of Hong Kong’s land lies within the country park system and special areas? Yet, only 7.1% of students were well-informed about the biodiversity in Hong Kong, 12.3% of teachers expressed that they had quite enough teachers who were knowledgeable about biodiversity in their schools. 54.1% of schools have never organized any biodiversity-related activities!

Our solution

We must reduce demands for wildlife consumption.

If we do not inspire people to reduce demand, no amount of protection in the wilderness areas will suffice. We cannot patrol the vast wilderness but we can do a lot to educate people to stop destroying the natural world.

Since 2016, we’ve impacted over 10,000 students, families, and educators through our biodiversity learning through the arts program across 78 schools and institutions by working with over 100 artists, musicians and wildlife experts.

The Fight to Preserve

The 4 pillars of the international fight against wildlife crime


  • Government Policies
  • Sovereign Treaties
  • International Customs Controls
  • UN-based regulations


  • Physical Guarding & Surveillance
  • Adopting and protecting grounds and creatures
  • Conservancies
  • Community programs


  • Dehorning
  • Electronic tracking
  • Chemical Tracing
  • Burning ivory hauls
  • Farming/breeding programs
  • Genetic grouping

Saving Survivors

  • Assisting survivors to perpetuate their breeding capability
  • Accumulating know-how for day-to-day survival programs

It’s still not enough. We must reduce the demand. Please be their voice


“Friends of Lumivoce” is an exclusive membership program for friends with a shared passion for music and nature. The salon programs give members exclusive access to a series of chamber music salon events, specially curated by founder 劉螢螢博士 和她的音樂家朋友,支持明音 免費藝術生物多樣性教育計劃 ,為年輕一代提供學習機會