Ensoul is a series of unique wildlife conservation music videos that combines pure classical vocalization, diverse rhythms from around the world, sounds of wildlife and nature, with moving images and powerful messages.

Why do we feature these ecosystems and wildlife?

Each video features a compelling story of a critical ecosystem and its significance in the survival of wildlife species and the health of our natural world.

How do we make an impact?

We bring wildlife and nature into concrete cities through our music videos. Through them, we help people to reconnect with nature. They are used in our educational programs to engage and inspire people, especially the next generation, to understand our impact on the natural world. We focus on reducing demand and protecting biodiversity. We engage through school visits, events, lectures, and summer camps centered on biodiversity and creativity.

Why ensoul?

Music is the universal language that transcends time, space, geographies, and cultures. It can get us from knowing to caring, and powerfully unite us to take action to change. It has the unlimited potential of making a profound impact to connect people emotionally with wildlife and nature, giving inspiration to millions of people, thus raising consciousness for wildlife protection.

Published Ensoul​

Wanwu 萬物​

All Living Things: Inaugural music video featuring Africa’s wildlife

Lingxi 靈息​

Breath of Life: The Amazon Rainforest and its magnificent habitats

Guyu 古語 ​

An Ancient Whisper: Coral reefs and the epic journey of a turtle

Spirit Of The Mountain 山魂

The Himalayas and the spirit of the mountain – snow leopards


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