Dr. Ying Ying Liu

LumiVoce means “illuminating with sound”. We inspire and educate the young to fall in love and protect wildlife and biodiversity through the power of music, arts, and education, because “we protect what we love”. We enable young creative voices for biodiversity and a sustainable planet.

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Dr. ying ying liu

Born into a profoundly musical family in China, Ying Ying effortlessly acquired musical mastery, likened to a gracious gift. Her father, Liu Chi, the renowned Chinese classical composer of the 20th century, introduced her to the essence of Chinese song and the intricacies of Chinese and Western orchestral scores at a young age. 

Ying Ying embarked on a chamber music scholarship at the Cleveland Institute of Music, studying piano under Paul Schenly. She also collaborated extensively with pianist Anne Epperson, received instruction in composition from the late American composer Donald Erb, and swiftly earned her Master’s Degree.

Ying Ying went on to complete her Doctorate in Piano Performance and Literature at the Eastman School of Music. There, she was mentored by renowned pianist and educator Rebecca Penneys. Ying Ying also collaborated with members of the Cleveland Quartet, early music specialist Paul O’Dette, and harpsichordist Arthur Haas. She further honed her skills in master classes led by Richard Goode, Jerome Lowenthal, and Malcolm Bilson. Her vocal training was under the guidance of esteemed professors including Thomas Paul, Robert Eckert, and Catherine Kasch.us pedagogue. She participated in Richard Goode, Jerome Lowenthal, and Malcolm Bilson’s master classes. Ying Ying’s voice training was completed under renowned professors such as: Thomas Paul, Robert Eckert, and Catherine Kasch.

Breaking records I was born in 1963, in Liaoning province, northeast China, the youngest of four children. I was an “accident”. My father’s name is Liu Chi, which means “big fire”. He is one of the most celebrated Chinese composers. He named me Ying Ying, which means “firefly”, so I’m daddy’s little fire.

I had an amazing relationship with my dad. My mother was a choreographer and later became a painter and I grew up surrounded by artists. 

When I was six, me, my mother and two of my siblings were sent to the countryside and my older sister was sent to a different place.

At the beginning, there were times when we had barely anything to eat, but my mum had a green thumb and quickly learned how to grow food on a small plot of land. We raised chickens, ducks, pigs and even had a pet squirrel. I went to school in a simple brick building. There were many intellectuals in the countryside, so we actually had proper teachers.

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LumiVoce strategy

Why music and the arts?
Neuroscience reveals that music and art engage both the rational and emotional aspects of the brain, reaching the human heart, mind, and soul. Music and art serve as universal languages that transcend time, space, geography, and cultures. They resonate deep within the core of our being.

Why Hong Kong, mainland China and Asia at large?
More than 50% of the planet’s 7.8 billion people live in Asia. And Asia’s demand for wildlife parts is fueling the killing all over the world. Hong Kong is one of the largest ports and markets for wildlife parts, including ivory, rhino horn, pangolin, shark’s fin, tiger and lion bones, turtles, and many other wildlife products. If we do not inspire people to reduce demand, no amount of protection in the wilderness areas will suffice. We cannot patrol the vast wilderness”. But we can do a lot to educate people to stop destroying the natural world.

“I hope my voice will inspire others to join in. One voice becomes thousands of voices, like a great symphony of love for the wild.”
—Dr. Ying Ying Liu, Founder
How are we protecting wildlife and nature?
  • We are engaging young people to give them Voices for the Planet. Our Voices for the Planet projects engage with schools, educational foundations and students and young people creatively to enable their involvement and their voices for the planet through creating wildlife artwork including drawing, writing, photography, videography, and music based on our music and story series. 

  • We are producing an album called Ensoul – A Voice for the Wild. The classical melodies we present to you in this album are sublime and timeless. They are the essence of our collective spirit; the spirit that is filled with love, compassion and kindness.  When the human voice is mixed with the sounds of wildlife and the sounds of the earth, it shows that we are all connected to one another and to nature. People who had heard and seen the wildlife videos, are feeling more connected, moved and inspired to change.

  • We are producing Wildlife Story Series (WSS).  We need to urgently educate young people, and will do so through emotive stories about wildlife. We inspire them to fall in love with our beautiful wildlife, nurture compassion, empathy and kindness early in the young, and turn today’s wildlife consumers into tomorrow’s wildlife protectors.

Everyone can make a difference, no matter how insignificant it may seem. 8 billion small actions from 8 billion people together amounts to a huge amount of impact. Small steps march toward a great cause. It’s never too late.

Nature does not need us, but we need nature and biodiversity. To save them is the only way to save ourselves!

I want to inspire people to fall in love with our beautiful and majestic wildlife through the beauty and power of music
because…we protect what we love.


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