wild mission

LumiVoce means illuminating with sound. We inspire and educate the young to fall in love and protect wildlife and biodiversity through the power of music, arts, and education, because “we protect what we love“. We enable young creative voices for biodiversity and a sustainable planet.

why is biodiversity so important

A new analysis PwC released in Jan 2024 updated that figure, finding that 55% of global GDP, equivalent to an estimated $58 trillion, is moderately or highly dependent on nature.

why Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a biodiversity hotspot

40% of land in Hong Kong has been designated as country parks and special areas which provide statutory protection for the habitats of our diverse flora and fauna. The current butterfly checklist in Hong Kong has 245 species, and it has more than 570 bird species, representing one-third of the total species recorded in the whole of China.

Even though Hong Kong’s marine area is only ~0.03% of the marine area of China, the number of marine species recorded in Hong Kong is ~25% of the total recorded for China’s seas, and there are more coral species in Hong Kong waters than in the entirety of the Caribbean Sea.

challenges in biodiversity education

Over 50% of the surveyed students have never heard of the term “biodiversity”. Only 7.1% of students were quite well-informed/ very well-informed about the biodiversity in Hong Kong. 54.1% of teachers said that their schools have not organized any biodiversity-related activities

Different schools, especially the local schools place different levels of emphasis on school programs. Oftentimes they lack adequate manpower and resources in biodiversity teaching and an affordable, creative, and artistic learning environment.

our solution through the arts

Neuroscience shows that music and art are powerful vehicles that engage with both the rational and emotional parts of the brain. They touch the human heart, mind, and soul. 

Our arts for biodiversity education programs empower children to express themselves creatively through the medium of the arts while supporting the youth to engage in Social Emotional Learning, to develop compassion and a positive impact in children’s hearts.

Since 2016, we’ve impacted over 19,000 students, families, and educators through our biodiversity learning through the arts program across 128 schools and institutions by working with over 112 artists, musicians and wildlife experts.


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