Artur Tomaszek

wildlife photographer

Artur Tomaszek is a wildlife photographer originally from Poland, currently living in Hong Kong. His interest in photography began when he was a child – he enjoyed photographing the wildlife in a forest near his family house and his exotic pets, including snakes and spiders. His images were shortlisted in Close-up Photographer of the Year, received Honourable Mentions from International Photography Awards judges and his unique photograph of a critically endangered wild Chinese pangolin received special attention from Doris Ma, Associate Director of Hong Kong Membership Program, and was selected for the People’s Choice Award by the Nature Conservancy judges.

His photos have been published in multiple scientific articles and books, including The Bugs of Hong Kong, Sinoophis – Atlas of snakes in China, Encyclopedia of Boas and Pythons and BQ Magazine.

Artur aims to share his passion for nature and show its beauty through his images, hoping his audience will appreciate the importance of wildlife conservation while learning interesting facts about a variety of animals.

His most up-to-date images can be viewed on Instagram ( and website (


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