Dr. Peter Cookson Smith

Architect, planner and urban designer

Dr. Peter Cookson Smith is an architect, planner and urban designer. He is a consultant with URBIS – the firm he founded in Hong Kong In 1977 – one of the first specialist planning, urban design, environment and landscape consultancies in South-east Asia. Over the past 45 years the firm has won around 300 local and international awards for their many projects.

He is a Past Professor of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong, a Past-President of the Hong Kong Institute of Planners and Past-President of the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design.

He is the author of seven books – The Urban Design of Impermanence on Hong Kong, The Urban Design of Concession on the growth and development of Chinese Treaty Port cities, The Urban Design of Intervention on Asian cities, Seeking Savannah on American urbanism, An Enterprising Path to Barrio Chino a Story of Barcelona, After Dante – Divine, Design and the Cosmos, and Shaping Canton.


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