Duo Volce

Chromatic harmonica and violin duo

Duo Volce, top prize winner at the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, is a local chromatic harmonica and violin duo, formed by two young emerging musicians from Hong Kong, Harry Choi and Kiann Chow. In 2013, both were invited to perform in “HARMONICA – Chromatic Harmonica Gig 2013” at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre, HKAPA. The duo was officially named as Duo Volce in 2014. Since then, they have partnered with pianists Henry Shart, Jonathan Law and Zenan Kwan, featuring from Classical music, movie themes to Tango music. The energising duo was interviewed at the RTHK Radio“Community Involvement Broadcast: ‘Breathe’ with the Harmonica” in 2015. In 2016, the group was invited by the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui All Saints ‘Cathedral to give debut recital at the Celeste Series, it also collaborated with the Friends of the Hong Kong Museum of Art and presented‘–Discovery’” at ‘The Sound of Art’ Volce, Sunday Concert series at the Hong Kong Museumof Art. Duo Volce made its first appearance at the 11th Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival in Taiwan (2016), and was awarded the First Prize of the Original category. In 2017, the duo was honoured as the “Young Artists award” in the Youth Arts Festival organised by Hong Kong Playground Association. The group was invited to perform in Hong Kong Flower Show (2017-2019), Musica del Cuore concert series (2018), Tai Kwun (2019). Aspiration” concert series “Duo In 2019, Duo Volce was honoured to perform at “Hong Kong Harmonica Successors” hosted by

LCSD, performing rearranged harmonica-violin duo and piano. It was a huge success as the uniqueness of the ensemble and the refreshing playing style were showcased. The group has also performed in the newly launched K11 Musea. In 2022, invited by LCSD, “Duo Volce x Zenan Kwan” music production is broadcast at the Guangzhou Opera House as part of the HKSAR 25th Anniversary celebration series.


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