Joseph Anthony


Joseph is a multiple award-winning British photographer, filmmaker, drone pilot and photojournalist currently based between Hong Kong and the U.K. He specializes in wildlife, nature and conservation storytelling. He believes in taking a mindful approach to his work and seeks to tell compelling stories with compassion and empathy trying to connect audiences with the wonders and beauty of the natural world, hoping this will encourage us to think more sustainably and to protect our planet and its resources while giving a voice to the voiceless.

His work has been published globally on TV, print, online and exhibitions. Clients have included the likes of National Geographic, WWF and he featured in the 100 year anniversary “I am Nikon” campaign with a film made about him on assignment for Nikon. I AM NIKON | MY NIKKOR Sri Lanka campaign

He is well known for his work with big cats and his extensive coverage in film and photography of the historic 2018 Kilauea volcano eruption in Hawaii. He teaches photography, produces bespoke designed books and fine art prints. He can consult on a wide variety of topics in photography and filmmaking. He is a voice-over artist, scriptwriter, piano player, and financial markets trader. He is also a former long haul airline pilot and flying instructor.


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