Viva! Pipers

Viva! Pipers is a woodwind quintet of five talented Hong Kong musicians. Individually, they all play an active role as freelance players in orchestras such as the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, the Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra and the Macao Orchestra after returning from their postgraduate music studies in England, America, France and Australia.

As a quintet established in 2014, they bring lively music into the community and involve the audience in their music by playing, singing, dancing, storytelling and interactive performances. They have appeared in community concerts organized by Music Children Foundation, Credit Suisse, Hong Kong Land, Asia Society, Chamber Music For Life Hong Kong and the Hysan Place. They have also been invited by the JCI to be the guest performers for the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection 2018 and the Chinese University of Hong Kong to share their music in the Midday Oasis lunchtime concert.

Since 2015, Viva! Pipers has been collaborating with the Premiere Performances of Hong Kong under the “Chamber Music In Schools” programme to give live performances at local and international schools in Hong Kong. They visit 20 schools and perform to over 3000 students yearly. From 2018 onwards, the programme was fully supported by BNP Paribas. In 2021, they reached more than 100,000 student audiences. Viva! Pipers also appeared at the Family Concert Series organized by the Premiere Performances of Hong Kong, reaching out to more families from all walks of life and sharing woodwind quintet music with their audience in a way that is exceedingly fun, fresh and joyful. The group received great support and positive responses from the full house audiences in the family concert ‘Peter and the Wolf’ in 2019.


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