Challenge 5

sing a song about wildlife or nature

overall winner

Sanvi Parth Khandelwal

Korean International School

Olivia Hyde

Kennedy School

Class 2C and Ms. Cindy Lau

Maryknoll Fathers' School

excellence award

Thor Niëns

Hong Kong Lam Tin NAIS

Laurence Hyde

Kennedy School

Challenge 5) Sing a Song about Wildlife or Nature

Overall Winner

Shrewsbury International School

“I am the Earth”

1st Place

Sanvi Parth Khandelwal - 9 years old

Korean International School

“Fade away”

2nd Place

Olivia Hyde - 10 years old

Kennedy School

“Truth to power”

3rd Place

Class 2C and Ms. Cindy Lau - 13 years old

Maryknoll Fathers’ School

“What a wonderful world”

Certificate of Excellence

Laurence Hyde - 6 years old

Kennedy School


Certificate of Participation

Fung Nga Ching - 10 years old

S.K.H. Yan Laap Memorial Primary School

”The Sea’s troubles”

Thor Niëns - 8 years old

Hong Kong Lam Tin NAIS

“Song About Endangered Polar Bears”

Lee Pak Yui Shaun - 5 years old

Munsang College Kindergarten

“Searching for bugs and insects”

Henry Hyde - 13 years old

West Island School

“Opera song- L'Heure exquise”


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